Upcoming Exhibit

Paintings by Don West, cast glass sculpture by kata Fritzsche and mixed technique paintings by Robert Royhl. 10/28/16 - 12/3/16


Discover Tucson’s most beautiful art space

Established 1976

The DAVIS DOMINGUEZ GALLERY offers an exciting exhibition schedule of contemporary art in its most traditional forms; fine paintings, drawings and sculpture. We provide every convenience to the collector.

Tucson is home to a remarkably large, diverse community of professional visual artists, many of whom have earned national and international recognition. It is from this talent pool that DAVIS DOMINGUEZ GALLERY draws a wide ranging team of artists, including a number of painters currently working elsewhere who still maintain a strong “Tucson Connection.” The “look” of the gallery is Modern, with a generous mix of 20th Century styles represented.

Hours: Friday – Tuesday-Friday, 11 am – 5 pm; Saturday, 11 am – 4 pm