Tucson’s largest exhibits of contemporary art

Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson's largest exhibit of contemporary art

Contemporary Art – Discover Tucson’s most beautiful art space

Keeping It Modern Since 1976

LEADER IN MODERN… Davis Dominguez Gallery is the recognized leader in modern and contemporary fine art in Southern Arizona. Featuring a wide selection of large modern paintings and major sculpture and representing Tucson’s best artists in a beautifully restored 5,400 square foot warehouse in the heart of Tucson’s Arts District.

A WEALTH OF TALENT… Tucson is home to a remarkably large, diverse community of professional visual artists, many of whom have earned national and international recognition. The gallery features changing exhibits for such artists as painters James Cook, Josh Goldberg, Bruce McGrew (1937-1999), Alfred Quiroz, Lee Chesney (1920-2016) and Amy Metier and sculptors Ben Goo (1922-2017), Steve Murphy and Judith Stewart. All the artists of the gallery are art school graduates, the substantial majority holding Master of Arts degrees. The gallery has close ties to the University of Arizona School of Fine Art and the Rancho Linda Vista art colony in Oracle, Arizona.

COMPELLING EXHIBITS… Presenting an engaging schedule of exhibitions throughout the season, with strong solo, 2-man and group combinations, including theme shows, the gallery also maintains a large inventory of work on site by our regular artists that can be readily accessed for review on a moment’s notice.

ART SHOWN AT ITS BEST… The well-lit, generously apportioned displays of new modern works are inspired by museum exhibit principles which make viewing the art a mindful experience, each piece given its respectful presentation. That and the grand space of the Main Gallery with its Alcove and the separate Salon Gallery encourage focused observation and appreciation. Gallery staff is ready and eager to answer your questions and discuss the works in depth.

ARTWORK THAT ENDURES… The important art themes of modern times are represented by original Abstract, Abstract Expressionist, Modernist, Post-Modernist and contemporary landscape, figure and narrative works. The standards of execution and materials are museum quality throughout.

ORIGINAL GRAPHICS… “Every serious gallery should show drawings.” A portion of the inventory and a part of many of the exhibits include original contemporary prints, drawings, watercolors and other works on paper by gallery artists.

A HOME FOR ART LOVERS… Aficionados, full time collectors or those hunting for that special modern piece will enjoy a complete range of services from extended viewing of inventory, trial installation, credit terms, to crating and shipping.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11 am – 5 pm; Saturday, 11 am – 4 pm.