Brian Kelly

Lafayette, LA

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“In my estimation, image making is a journey into the unseen – never the unknown. When I look down on a sheet of paper, or a freshly ground stone, I know there is a yet-to-be discovered image within the surface.  When a work begins, I have no specific agenda, just an attitude of energy, personal memories, and a love for just pure drawing. The work evolves, beginning with one form leading to the next, and so on.  These playing of forms off of each other result in a puzzling assortment of figures and shapes that move through an apparently irrational though structured world.”

These narrative events speak metaphorically about personal and social issues and draw influences from the relationship and awareness of ones impact to another’s personal environment. The prints are personal roadmaps that document explorations of landscapes both, natural and man-made, located throughout Louisiana. This landscapes feed compositional structure and rhythms with in the work into a seemingly chaotic space.