Jenny Schmid

Minneapolis, MN

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My work explores gender, identity and liberty, drawing from the tradition of social commentary while creating a decidedly humorous take on the question of how identities are constructed (and destructed). In my work I express my desire for feminism to be realized through the liberation of boys and girls. By creating active girls and lounging or reading boys, I subvert the traditional gaze of Western art where the passive female body is most often the focal point. In my invented land, the boys are usually on display and the girls are watching them, but all the characters appear to be enjoying their plight.

From medieval engravings to contemporary graphic novels, print media has existed in a place between high and low art, an inexpensive means to disseminate ideas, question authority through humor or make the personal political. The accessibility of printmaking makes it a deviant media, historically employed when confronting authority and exploring taboo subjects. I am connected to the history of the graphic image and its tradition of rebellion and blasphemy.