Karen Kunc

Lincoln, NE

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My idiosyncratic language of biomorphic abstraction inevitably refers to the natural world, our precious resources, and the evolutionary forces that shape our environment. I hope to make conceptually urgent statements that are relevant and poignant in meaning, as a response to the threat and benevolence of Nature.

In a response that is both intensely chromatic and gestural, as contrasting elements and quasi-science principles are graphically symbolized. I have sought to generate a poetic tracking of observation and science through images and information that submerge, emerge, and tantalize.

My prints are reduction woodcuts, printed in stages and layers, as this process relates to my content explorations.   I print and carve and destroy the blocks to develop the imagery, using oil base inks, rollers, selective inking and blendings. I can’t predict how the print will result and am open to this evolutionary way of working, of material transformation, as a mysterious alchemy. Through process and concept I intend to evoke the timeless sense of life’s ebb and flow, for a “sense of place” in our universe and in being. These ideas contrast our own ephemeral materiality and the matter of the physical world.