Lynne Allen

Boston, MA

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Empathy is the power to imagine a world outside your own experience. 

The matriarchs in my family have all been members of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  I can trace my Native heritage back five generations to Wastewin (Good Women) in the early 1800’s. As a visual artist I incorporate the passions that drive me personally into a bigger reality—the world is full of threats and rewritten histories. The history of my art making has referenced the homeless, prisoners, police, hyenas, unsavory characters that pose a threat or danger, lead fishing sinkers that look like bullets, fish hooks, facts and myths about how the west was won, porcupine quills and squashed and rusted beer caps.   All of these are linked, either through metaphor or an insane compulsion to collect. My goal is to create a space where the viewer has a chance to imagine a world other than their own.