Nicole Hand

Almo, NY

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Ideas, beliefs, and skills are passed from one generation to the next. The skills that were passed down to me were based on a traditional domestic structure. The duties within my household were divided according to gender roles, influencing my family structure, while at the same time I questioned their validity. The questioning of these roles inspires my work through an autobiographical perspective.
Themes of maternity, reproduction, femininity, closure, transitions, and correspondence are also apparent in my work. I use objects, placed in reliquary- like spaces, which have literal and abstract symbolism within a composition. The interaction between these objects explores the conventional and non-conventional roles of family and at the same time, documents a change of lineage. Layering objects and placing them in dream-like atmospheres suggests change, transition, and reflection. This allows me to preserve history and suggest tension, repetition, and change. The work becomes a documentation of these ideas as well as an organized time line of events with a feminist perspective.