Rosemarie Bernardi

Keene, NH

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These images from medical museums, liquid states, and alchemical diagrams illustrate arcanum:  Obscure, dark paths to self-actualization through laboratory/studio activities.  The vessels used by the alchemist to liquefy metals also hold the alchemist’s dream of perfection.  The beauty and ritual of artistic efforts are the both lodestone and the gifted end result for those engaged in a creating or viewing that places one out of time. Issues of display, loss, nostalgia, and obsolescence are also inherent in this imagery.

As a printmaker, I am passionate about its beautiful processes that encourage layerings of meanings, techniques, histories, and craftsmanship.  It’s proximity to literature, texts and bookmaking also suggest a sense of removal, of interiority. The interiority of each of us and our individual journeys towards constructing lives of meaning guides my work.  The mysterious process of art is the transformative endgame.