Tom Christison

Iowa City, IA

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The recent works are a kaleidoscope of fictitious non-linear narratives. I have been using images and color that I have collected from real life: wrapping paper, commercial decals and packaging, discarded toys, and vintage wallpaper. Textures are invented through the use of latex house paint and artificially aged to suite a particular image or piece. I combine these images to create simple narratives concerning passage of time, life cycles, regeneration and the food chain. The narratives are clouded or slightly obscured from the viewer. Central to the work is the idea that beauty and ugliness can and often do co-exist.

The prints are a combination of hand drawn lithography, monotype, screen print and latex paint on paper. The pieces are unique, images and textures are created just for that individual work. The prints generally go threw the press twenty or more times depending on their complexity.