Wayne Kimball

Springville, UT

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Evidences of normality in Wayne Kimball would be that he arises somewhat early, exercises, showers, shaves, and no longer bothers with his hair. He eats his oatmeal and extra fiber cheerfully nearly every day. He’s right-handed, mows his own lawn, and goes to the dermatologist twice a year for touch-ups. His more quirky attributes include the making of smallish objects for visual consumption. He makes them by hand in his basement without instructions. The pieces are cobbled together collage-like mostly from printed ephemera and are hand-drawn onto and printed from Bavarian limestones and aluminum plates.  Seldom does anybody watch as he does this. The subjects are quite literal for the most part: chairs, trees, tile and hardwood floors, animal parts, draperies, birds, representations of human heads, hands, and feet. And there are spaces filled with peculiar textures. He also adds titles. There is a bit of a nod to Northern Renaissance Art and to Dada. There is much worry about getting it right. Right doesn’t always happen.