our mission

The DAVIS DOMINGUEZ GALLERY offers an exciting exhibition schedule of contemporary art in its most traditional forms; fine paintings, drawings and sculpture. We provide every convenience to the collector.

Tucson is home to a remarkably large, diverse community of professional visual artists, many of whom have earned national and international recognition. It is from this talent pool that DAVIS DOMINGUEZ GALLERY draws a wide ranging team of artists, including a number of painters currently working elsewhere who still maintain a strong “Tucson Connection.” The “look” of the gallery is Modern, with a generous mix of 20th Century styles represented.


The Tucson art scene is thriving for a variety of reasons. Three major museums, The Tucson Museum of Art, The University of Arizona Museum of Art, and the Center For Creative Photography host world-class exhibitions and enjoy strong community support.

The University of Arizona School of Art provides important players from among both its teaching faculty and from outstanding graduates of the Master of Fine Arts program.
A strong, active group of art collectors, museum professionals, gallery owners and artists have created a lively arts community.

Lastly, the intense, clear light of the Southwest desert holds a magnetic attraction to artists, especially painters, and this powerful light element is a recognizable trademark of the art of the region and DAVIS DOMINGUEZ GALLERY.

Main Gallery, Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson Arizona

Main Gallery, Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson